1. Age between 18 and 60;
2. Good health;
3. Work recommendation letters withmore than 2 years;
4. No criminal record;
5. Holding a valid passport;
6. Have a bachelor degree or above.
Note: Each city has different requirements for foreign applicants, the above are only basic requirements; for sensitive or war-torn countries, the Foreign Exchange Bureau and entry-exit authorities have the right to reject applications; in order to improve the efficiency of foreigners'applications, SFBC recommends that you consult us in advance.

我們提供的服務 Services Provided
Service Scope

  • 計算積分 Points Calculation 
    Assist in calculating foreigners'points. 85 and above are high-end talents in category A and 60-84 are professionals in category B. 

  •  檔案翻譯 Documents Translation 
    協助外國人或僱主準備所需的材料₪✘,並提供英文翻譯服務Assist foreigners or employers to prepare the required materials and provide English translation services 
  • 提交申請 Application Submission 
    線上提交申請₪✘,協助預約外國人體檢Online submission of applications to assist in the schedule of foreign medical examinations .

  •  時間規劃Time Planning 
    為外國人及僱主制定清晰的申請時間表Establish a clear application schedule for foreigners and employers  

  •  申請簽證 Visa Application 
    協助或帶領外國人申請工作類居留許可或Z簽證Assist or lead foreigners to apply for work-related residence permits or Z visas 
  • 家屬簽證 Family Visa 
    為外國申請人的隨行家屬申請簽證Application for visas for accompanying family members of foreign applicants 




Requirements for foreigners to apply for work permit in China



List of documents to be prepared by foreigners



1, passport, 2, resume, 3, recent  color photos with white background, 4, Chinese HSK examination certificate, if any, 5, two years or more work recommendation letter, 6, employment contract 7, notarized certification of non-crime certificate, 8, notarized certification of academic qualifications, 9, physical examination report (within 6 months), 10, other materials required for application.


1. If the foreigner have accompanying family members, they need to provide their family members'passports, marriage certificates or birth certificates, which are certified by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate.
2. The above is part of the application materials for reference only. The government department has the right to request the applicant to supplement other supporting materials.
3. In order to apply for it smoothly, when the customer prepared the above documents, please scan them and send them to us for review first.




Application process time
Estimated time: 1-2 months



1. The process of working visa processing for foreigners is very complicated and time-consuming, sometimes it takes 2-3 months.
2. Please pay attention to the validity of your Chinese visa and extend it in time to ensure your legal stay in China.
3. The above is the normal processing time, starting from the date of complete documents, excluding the time of material express delivery or the extra time under unforeseen circumstances, such as the supplementary documents required by the competent authorities, customers can not stamp and sign in time, etc.







Do you do it by yourself or by SFBC?

The handling of employment procedures for foreigners in China under the New Deal is a complicated and tedious process with strong professionalism.

In the course of actual operation, we met many enterprises, which were run by themselves at the beginning. As a result, they couldn't do it half.  Finally, They spent a lot of money, but they delayed a lot of time.

Sometimes the situation is even worse. If it can be done in the future, it will be impossible to do it, or if it could have been done out of the country, the result is that the foreigners need to go back to their home countries.

We have obtained the qualifications of commissioned agency from the Foreign Special Bureau. The senior team members have more than 5 years'experience in operation. They have a thorough understanding of the relevant policies of foreigners working in China and rich experience in handling various "difficult and complicated diseases".


If you have more questions about China Work Visa, please contact us via 137 7425 2945

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